John Kearns UK Fundraiser

John Kearns UK Fundraiser | Archangel Michael Hospice

John Kearns UK Fundraiser

We are very grateful to John Kearns in the UK who together with his wife Ann has been a long time supporter of Archangel Michael Hospice.

John Kearns is the UK organizer for fundraising on behalf of Archangel Michael Hospice. John highlights that all donations made by UK taxpayers will be subject to the Gift Aid Scheme. This makes an additional 25% to the value of their donation.

John also sends out annual newsletters to all the supporters thanking them for their continued support. And, he updates them on how the money raised over the last year has been spent. At the same time outlining ongoing costs where funds are still needed at the Hospice.

We send our grateful thanks to John for his continued support which is greatly appreciated.


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