Referrals & Admissions

Patient Referral & Admission Procedure

All patient referrals are passed to Mona Theocharides the general manager.

Prior to admission, and in order that the patient’s application can be fully assessed, their doctor must complete a document, comprising of two pages, giving full details of the patients’ health.

On the day of admission to the Hospice, the patient is greeted and taken to their room by one of the nursing staff.  Their medical needs will then be assessed and also any food or medical allergies noted.  Any or all medicines are handed over to the nurses at this time and the patient signs a form agreeing to the Hospice policy of 14 days maximum stay.

The nurse will point out the facilities in the room and show the patient the Handbook which provides details of the History of the Hospice, Services offered and general information for the patient as well as a survey form which we ask each patient or their family to complete prior to discharge.

Referrals can be made by anyone – not only doctors and hospitals – and patients with terminal illness and Alzheimer’s are examples of the type of patients that are admitted to the hospice but all patient applications are assessed individually.

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archangel michael hospice - Adult Rooms
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