Archangel Michael Hospice Grow & Glow Fund Raising Target

Archangel Michael Hospice Grow & Glow Fund Raising Target

Archangel Michael Hospice Congratulates and Thanks Triona Martin Androniki

Archangel Michael Hospice would like to send a special thank you and congratulations to Triona Martin Andronike from Glow & Grow Essences.  Triona who is also the Hospice resident Counsellor & Therapy Practitioner.   As well as the Volunteer Liaison Officer.   Set herself a target 10 months ago to raise €5000 for the Hospice.

We are delighted to announce that she has now reached an amazing €1000.   The money was raised from donations for her essences as well as from her one to one healing work.

All of the services we provide here at Archangel Michael Hospice are Free of Charge.  However this is not with cost.  Without Funding, the continued upkeep of these vital services would not be possible.

With this in mind call into the Hospice reception between 8am to 1pm, Monday to Friday, to treat yourself to one of the beautiful essences outlined below.

Therefore helping Triona to reach her target and to help raise funds for our hospice.

Passion Flower Essence:

Passion Flower essence can produce restful sleep.  Whilst also helping to calm the nervous system.  Which in turn will bring peace and harmony into life.   In addition it can raise energy levels in a positive way enabling a person to be more assertive.

Fir Men Essence:

The Fir Men essence can assist in bringing stress relief and calm to the body.  Whilst at the same time dissolving unwanted thoughts.  Therefore as a result help to restore restful and peaceful sleep.

Hibiscus Flower Essence for Women:

Hibiscus Flower essence can assist in regulating the menstrual cycle.  Therefore as a result helping to control menstrual pain.  In addition it can ease the menopausal symptoms.  Furthermore it can create a positive flow of energy through the body.

For a donation of €10 each these beautiful essences could be yours and will help Triona to reach her target to raise funds for Archangel Michael Hospice


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