Archangel Michael Hospice – News Letter

Archangel Michael Hospice – News Letter


This year already we have seen some changes at Archangel Michael Hospice.  Panagiotis Ioannou who has been the Senior Nurse here at the hospice since it opened in 2015 has now left us for pastures new.

We would like to wish him good luck in his new position.  Whilst we are having to say goodbye he will be part of our family forever!

Our congratulations go to Mrs Savvoula Philippou.  Who has already worked here for some years as a nurse and is now promoted to the position of senior nurse.

We wish her good luck and every success with her new duties.

News update for our UK supporters

The Management, Trustees, staff, volunteers and patients at Archangel Michael Hospice would like to extend a very warm welcome and grateful thanks to Elizabeth Mair who has joined our team as our UK fundraiser.

Elizabeth has made great strides in her efforts to raise much needed funds for the hospice.  Already there is a Face book page  -:  ‘Saint Michael Hospice Cyprus UK supporters’.

This will outline the aims of the UK supporters.  Whilst also improving awareness of the facilities and care provided here at the hospice.  Regular up to date information will be posted with events and other activities of the hospice.  As well as any fundraising events and appeals based in the UK

In addition there is a ‘just giving page’ – link for donations below – which is looking to raise £25,000 towards the ongoing costs of the hospice.  This will help towards ensuring we continue to provide these vital services.  £950.00 has already been raised!!  Thank you all for your donations.

In 2020 we faced, like so many charities, a major fundraising crisis and unfortunately due to the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic we are still facing it this year.

Despite these difficult and worrying times we are still continuing to provide the love and expert care to our patients but not without difficulties.

We need your help – any donation large or small is gratefully received. 

We always appreciate your kindness, generosity and thank you for your support of Archangel Michael Hospice.


Don’t forget to see more about our activities on our facebook page

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