Donations to Archangel Michael Hospice

The care at Archangel Michael Hospice is provided free of charge but not without a cost.

Donations, legacies and fundraising events are essential for the constant maintenance of this vital service.

Your donation no matter how large or small really does make a huge difference and is one of the reasons that we are able to continue to provide our services.

Here are a number of ways in which you can donate

  • By visiting the Hospice direct and making a cash/cheque donation
  • Posting a cheque donation to the Hospice
  • By bank payment direct to the Hospice account
  • Regular donations via direct debit at your bank
  • Arranging a fundraising event and donating the proceeds to the Hospice
  • Assisting in the regularly organized fundraising events
  • Donating items to one of the 6 Archangel Michael Shops

Current Fundraising

The monies raised will be used to purchase medicines, drips, nursing equipment and many other medical and nursing items required by our patients on a daily basis. With this in ...