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Tramadol Cod Online, Tramadol Buying Online Legal

How to be a volunteer at Archangel Michael Hospice

New volunteers are asked to complete a Volunteer Registration form highlighting the area of interest to them and the times that they will be available.

Once the completed form has been received at the Hospice an induction meeting will be arranged with Triona Martin Andronike, who is our Counsellor & Therapy Practitioner as well as the Volunteer Liaison Officer.   She will provide, and also go through, the Volunteers handbook prior to starting any duties and training.

By supporting us as a volunteer at Archangel Michael Hospice you will be joining a team who regularly give us their time and skills enabling us to provide a high quality of care to our patients and their families

Your input will be highly valued and appreciated and will make a real difference to not only respite patients and those diagnosed with life-limiting illness but also to their families and friends

Volunteer Registration

Your Contact Details

Your Availability

Monday MorningAfternoonNight
Tuesday MorningAfternoonNight
Wednesday MorningAfternoonNight
Thursday MorningAfternoonNight
Friday MorningAfternoonNight
Saturday MorningAfternoonNight
Sunday MorningAfternoonNight

Areas of Interest

Nursing (Auxiliary / Care Assistant)ReceptionCafeFundraising & EventsGarden / GroundsOther

Previous Experience