Opened in July 2015, the initial cost of €2.1m was largely raised by a team of enthusiastic volunteers.

The Hospice now faces annual operating costs of around €300,000. It is administered by the Hospice Management who have extensive expertise in business, marketing, healthcare and finance.

The main challenge facing the Hospice Management is ensuring that we consistently offer the high-quality care that our patients deserve, supplied by highly qualified medical staff and enthusiastic volunteers in support roles. Also to ensure sufficient funds are always available to make possible that level of care.

At Archangel Michael Hospice our mission is to provide compassionate care for all those individuals who are living with a life-limiting illness and their families

Is of a world where individuals and their families who are facing serious illness, death and grief will be able to experience the highest quality of care and compassion, whatever the illness and whoever they are.

  • We focus on the family and not just the individual. Emphasizing the quality of life and not just its duration
  • We place a high value on the dignity of the patient and respect their wishes
  • We allow terminally ill patients and their families to experience the end of life together in the comfort and security of a home-like setting
  • We are professional at all times and aspire to be the best that we can be in everything we do.

Our funding comes via our shops, our registered charity The St. Michael Hospice Charity (no 3270) and our UK based charity, which qualifies for UK gift aid. We also get support from many in the community who organize fundraising events on our behalf. From donations (see details of how this is done on our donation page) as well as from patients their relatives and visitors to the Hospice.

All of our doctors are providing their expertise free of charge to support the hospice.


Palliative Care (from Latin palliare to cloak) focuses on relieving and preventing pain and is appropriate for patients in all disease stages, including those undergoing treatment for curable diseases. Whilst hospice care does not include treatment for patients with curable diseases they like Palliative care focus on relieving and preventing pain and both also look after the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs formulating a plan to help them throughout their illness. It is entirely appropriate therefore for palliative care treatment to be used in a hospice.

The hospice works closely with other similar organisations, for example, Cancer charities, to ensure continuity of care between the hospice and home.

The word ‘hospice’ derives from the Latin hospes which means both guest and hosts.

A place of welcome. Hospice is a type of care and a philosophy that focuses on the end of life care. A hospice takes people for respite care, supports home care teams and welcomes people in the last stages of an illness.

It is concerned with the whole person, physical, emotional and spiritual and also family and friends. It does not shorten or lengthen life; it travels with a person in the last stages of life.


Meet our fabulous volunteer who is here to help patients and families

Triona Martin Andronike, Counsellor & Volunteer Liaison Officer | Archangel Michael Hospice

Triona Martin Andronike
Counsellor & Liaison Officer
Archangel Michael Hospice

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